Inspirational Motivational of the Day: On October 15th, 2011, at 5:23 PM, then-18-year-old professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian completed her ascent to the top of “Pure Imagination” in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, becoming the first American female to successfully scale a grade 9a (5.14d) route.


Fuck Yeah


Fire-Breathing Animatronic Pony

What was once a cuddly FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony has been gutted and outfitted with a combat-ready flamethrower to deter future playground attacks. Learn how to make your own and finally put the fear of god into the neighborhood kids at instructables. And check out a video of the flame-spewing skeletal machinehorse of the apocalypse in action:

Now this is my kind of My Little Pony.

Free film to watch

White Zombie movie poster (Wiki)

If you want to see the first Zombie film ever made, here it is. It’s free to watch and is just over an hour. Click here to view.

White Zombie, came out in 1932 during US military occupation in Haiti after forces encountered the practice of Haitian Vodou. These zombies aren’t the zombies we know of today, it wasn’t till 1968 with the release of Night of the Living Dead did zombie long for brainnnnnnnnnn. Enjoy and leave a review.